Showcasing the attractiveness of the location

Showcasing the attractiveness of the location

© Christian Fernández Gamio

We live in a region where others go on holiday, in a region with wonderful landscapes and numerous free-time possibilities. We have nature right at our front door and enjoy good air, little traffic, low real estate prices and the Palatinate love of life.

The West Palatinate offers many benefits for businesses as well. They profit from the excellent, spacious location and the good infrastructure as well as qualified skilled workers and the presence of institutes for leading research.

We have few reasons to complain, but one hears them all too often, the complaints about life in "the middle of nowhere" and the insufficient offerings. Those who live in the West Palatinate view their region critically; the image could be further developed – from the inside but also from the perspective of those outside.

The ZRW has made it its goal to make the location qualities of the West Palatinate more visible from the inside as well as from the outside, to advertise the good qualities of the West Palatinate and therefore improve the regional image. That is because a good image is an important reason for people to come to the region and also stay here.
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