Vocational training and job fairs

Support of vocational training and job fairs

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The successful transition from school to university studies or vocational training in the regional job market is decisive for ensuring that skilled workers are available in the West Palatinate. Many young people have to make difficult decision considering the variety of possibilities for vocational training or studies at the end of school or even after the end of a successful programme of studies. Job and vocational training fairs can help young people to gain an overview of the offerings and make initial contacts – they offer the companies the chance to present themselves as attractive employers. Because most West Palatinate businesses are not well-known to young people, this is a very important task.

Since 2009, the Agentur für Arbeit [Federal Employment Agency] has sponsored a "vocational training exchange" in Fritz-Walter-Stadion [Fritz Walter Stadium], which attracts young people from all over the West Palatinate. Since 2013, ZRW has supported the event. The same applies to the job fair for care and health professions in Rockenhausen which has been supported by the ZRW since 2015. Both are targeted towards school pupils, who are looking for suitable vocational training, the latter, however, has a focus related to the branch.

In 2013, we succeeded in winning over the Institut für Talententwicklung [Institute for Talent Development] in Berlin to include the Western Palatinate in its nationwide fair programme. The first educational fair "vocatium Westpfalz" took place at the end of May 2014. The special features of the event concept are the direct communication with schools in advance of the fair and the scheduled consulting appointments between young people and exhibitors. The “Vocatium” enables a close connection with a manageable number of exhibitors and is therefore a useful addition to the - much larger - "Ausbildungsbörse" [apprenticeship exchange] at Betzenberg.

The recruitment fair at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern [Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences] brings students together with businesses from the region in a targeted way. For the businesses, it is a good opportunity to advertise to the skilled workers of the future and make personal contacts. Since 2013, the ZRW has also supported this event format consitently.

Project period: since 2013

Project partners: Agentur für Arbeit Kaiserslautern-Pirmasens | Hochschule Kaiserslautern | Wirtschaftsforum Donnersbergkreis [Donnersberg County Business Forum]