Coorperation and memberships

Cooperations & Memberships

The society ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz supports societies acting in the fields of economy, culture and science.
Alliances with societies across the borders of the West Palatinate strengthen our region and create innovative ideas.


Arbeit & Leben gGmbH

ARBEIT & LEBEN gGmbH is a state-approved provider of continuing education in Rhineland-Palatinate. Its diverse offerings include education and consulting, project management and process support. As part of the project "WiWa - Wissen im Wandel" (Knowledge in Change), which is funded by the federal government and the EU, we have been offering events for small and medium-sized enterprises together with the Kaiserslautern branch since 2017. The topics of the half-day seminars are geared to current challenges faced by the companies, from the design of change processes to internal communication and dealing with social media. Read more


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Donnersberger Kelten e.V.

Where once one of the largest Celtic cities was located, today there are only remains of the fortification. The Donnersberger Kelten e.V. strive to reappraise the history of the Celts with expert help.  Read more

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The association has set itself the task of promoting a rapprochement of Ukraine with the EU by supporting cross-border cooperation. The main focus is on the implementation of the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI 2014-2020). A thematic focus is on cooperation in tourism and tourism-related economic activities. Due to the overlapping objectives of the EESCI and the ZRW, a cooperation agreement was signed on 25.10.2018, through which an exchange between both regions is achieved. In this context, Dr. Hans-Günther Clev supports the EESCI team as a key expert. Read more




H2BZ Netzwerk RLP e.V.

As the only network of its kind, the association H2BZ Netzwerk RLP deals with the topics of hydrogen and fuel cells as well as the bundling and promotion of competences in these fields. Important goals are the broad application of fuel cells and the reduction of the consumption of non-renewable energies. Read more


LAG Donnersberger und Lautrer Land e.V.

As part of the organization of LEADER funding, the association LAG Donnersberger und Lautrer Land e.V. networks citizens, advises potential project sponsors on funding opportunities and deals with the strategic development of the region. Read more

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LAG Pfälzerwald plus e.V.

"Live and experience more" is the guiding principle of the LEADER region Pfälzerwald plus. For this purpose, three fields of action were formed, which are to show and improve the scenic qualities, to advance the structural strengthening of the villages and to strengthen the regional identity. Read more

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LAG Westrich-Glantal e.V.

The Local Action Group (LAG) Westrich-Glantal e.V. initiates projects together with local authorities, citizens, associations and institutions, which serve the enhancement of regional tourism and the sporting and cultural offer. Read more

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Pfalz.Marketing e.V.

The association, which was founded in 1998, has set itself the goal of making the entire Palatinate region better known and promoting regional products. Through various events and activities, interested people are brought together and the image of the region is further improved. Read more


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SIAK - Science and Innovation Alliance Kaiserslautern e.V.

Since 2007, SIAK has been dedicated to effectively coordinating research issues and supporting the development of the Kaiserslautern science and innovation region. In doing so, it focuses on active networking in the areas of STEM as well as digital transformation. Read more


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Werbegemeinschaft Kaiser in Lautern e.V.

For more than 30 years, the advertising association has been committed to the shopping and service location Kaiserslautern. With numerous campaigns, "Kaiser in Lautern" regularly sets accents to point out the attractiveness, the performance and the diversity of the retail trade, the gastronomy and the service providers in Kaiserslautern. Read more

Advertising association Kaiser in Lautern  

Wirtschaftsregion Saarbrücken e.V.

Strengthening the future viability of the region - that is the focus of the Saarbrücken economic region. For this purpose, important economic actors are to be brought together and existing potentials are to be better networked and used. This will strengthen the economic power and secure the future viability of the region. Read more


Economic region Saarbrücken


Verein Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar e.V

In the non-profit association Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar, the best minds from business, science, culture, politics and other public institutions work for the common goal: to make the Rhine-Neckar region one of the most attractive and competitive regions in Europe. Since the founding of ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz, there has been a lively exchange at the managing director level. Since the beginning of 2013, there has been a cooperation agreement between the two associations. Read more