The Attraktive Arbeitgeber [Attractive Employers] initiative

The Attraktive Arbeitgeber
[Attractive Employers] initiative

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The presence of attractive jobs is the foundation for keeping well-educated youth in the region and also attracting skilled workers from the outside. Here, businesses, management, etc. are challenged to do more for their attractiveness as an employer. The ZRW strives to help support the employers in the region with this task.

Due to previously existing consulting services from the Industrie- und Handelskammer [Chamber of Commerce and Industry], Handwerkskammer [Chamber of Handicrafts] and private service providers, we have limited ourselves to encouraging the exchange of information between players, avoiding parallel activities or those working contrary to goals and being up-to-date on the variety of offers. In addition, there is a circle of representatives from chambers and organisations, institutes, the Agentur für Arbeit [Federal Agency of Employment] as well as further engaged members of ZRW, who come together twice a year to exchange information about activities and sound out possibilities for cooperation.

In addition, with the series of events "Attractive employers", the ZRW combines various activities with different partners that should serve to inform about topics like occupational health management and the networking and experience management of personnel departments in the region.

At the beginning of 2015, a sub-page was created that informs about current events and advisory services and also refers to helpful information portals. Through this, interested employers receive a useful orientation to the first steps on the way towards being an attractive employer.

Project period: since January 2015

Project partners: Industrie- und Handelskammer | Handwerkskammer |

Agentur für Arbeit | Steffen Ritter (MLP) | Institut für Technologie und Arbeit [Institute of Technology and Work] (ITA) | Institut für Beschäftigung und Employability [Institute of Employment and Employability] (IBE) | Viactiv health insurance

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