ZRW Lunch

ZRW Lunch

Our format for a compact exchange during the lunch break

Networking, exchanging ideas and finding potential cooperation or project partners are some of the most important aspects of our association's work.

With this in mind, we would like to offer our members a format where they can get to know other members and partners of our association without having to spend a lot of time at work or from their home office.

The ZRW Lunch is a monthly online meeting to which all our members are cordially invited. The following points are planned for each meeting:

  1. A keynote speech on a specific topic
  2. Introducing new members of the association
  3. An overview of current projects

The project starts on January 18 at 12:30 pm. A registration link will be published in our newsletter each month, which our members can use to register.

Non-members who are interested in the ZRW Lunch can watch the ZRW Lunch on our YouTube channel once it has been recorded.

Topics of our ZRW Lunches:

Contact person: Julia Rösler,