13th ZRW General Assembly

The 13th General Assembly of the ZRW will take place this year in Ramstein at the Congress Center (CCR; formerly Haus des Bürgers). It starts at 16:00 with the reception. Official start of the event is at 17:00.

You can look forward to many interesting insights into current projects, what has happened in the association during the last year and what is still to come in the near future.


10. Economic Dialogue

Vergangenes Wirtschaftsge(h)spräch

The West Palatinate is a good place to live. More and more people have recognized this in recent years. But how can we make our region even more attractive in the future, especially for young people and families? How can we increase the social well-being of the people in our region? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you at our 10th West Palatinate Economic Dialogue on July 11, 2022.

ZRW summer party 2024

We would like to celebrate with you again this year and invite our members and all those interested in our organization to a summer party on June 28, 2024 from 4:30 pm. This time we are going to the Unterhammer in Karlstal near Trippstadt.


4. ZRW Lunch

Another exciting topic awaits you at the ZRW Lunch on 18.04.2024. Frank Hallfell, energy auditor at enbiz gmbh, will give an impulse on the topic "New Energy Efficiency Act - What private companies and public bodies need to know now". An interesting and important topic for everyone, as this new law already came into force in November 2023 and some measures must now be implemented by June 2025.

As in the last online meetings, three of our members will introduce themselves again in April and briefly report on their work.


Leadership Connect – Corning GmbH

Corning GmbH, based in Kaiserslautern, has set itself the goal of improving air quality worldwide and produces ceramic substrates and high-performance filters for exhaust aftertreatment in the automotive sector in Kaiserslautern. The products are supplied to markets throughout Europe and worldwide - since clean air is a basic need for everyone.


3. ZRW-Lunch

On 20.03.2024 we will continue our series of ZRW lunches. Then with an exciting impulse on the topic of skilled workers. Dimitri Kiryukhin will talk about "Digital Nomads: How do I organize my remote employment abroad?" on how best to proceed if you are planning to work for a company abroad as an employer or even as an employee.

In addition, three of our members will once again introduce themselves and briefly report on their work. There will also be a brief update on our own projects.


5th network meeting FührungsFrauen Westpfalz

An afternoon rich in art awaits you at the Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, where the art expert and director of the MPK, Dr. Annette Reich, will introduce us to the topic of "Women in Art".

In her lecture on selected works of art, Dr. Reich will give us an insight into how women have been portrayed in art - be it in painting or sculpture - and we will look at works by renowned artists that offer room for interpretation. After all, women are not only important in the art world as muses, they have created great works and helped shape the history of art and culture.



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