General meeting in the Livestream

On Wednesday, December 2, 2020, the 10th general meeting of the association ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz e.V. will take place in hybrid format in the festival hall Pirmasens.

If your company or institution is a member of our association, you have already received information from us about participation and voting opportunities.

Mobile radio coverage

The most comprehensive coverage possible with mobile telephony and the Internet is becoming an increasingly decisive location factor, an essential basis for retaining young people and attracting new companies, and an important field of action for a "ZukunftsRegion".


Project Waste2Value starts

In June we had already reported on the successful project application, since September 1 we are now in the conception phase of the BMBF funding program "WE! - Change through Innovation in the Region" together with the University of Kaiserslautern and the PFI from Pirmasens. With the project Waste to Value (W2V) we want to lay the foundation to make the West Palatinate one of the pioneer regions in the field of biotechnological recycling. Over the next few months, we will be looking for companies who would like to become part of this development.

Successful partizipation in competition TRAFO 2

The application, we already had initiated last year as part of the funding competition "TRAFO 2 - Models for Change in Culture", was successful after intensive preparatory work under the leadership of the district of Kusel. The districts of Kusel and Kaiserslautern receive up to 1.25 million euros from the Federal Cultural Foundation. The funds will be used to sponsor the Museum of Musikantenland at Burg Lichtenberg and the Museum of West Palatine Musicians in Mackenbach. The "Westpfälzer Musikantenland" should thereby get a total boost.

Application for Tesla-Gigafactory

True to the philosophy "There is no chance - let's do it", we applied for the settlement of the European Tesla-Gigafactory in 2017 in addition to hundreds of other locations. The world's leading manufacturer of electric cars had announced that it intended to open a factory in Europe. We sent the former Zweibrücken Airport into competition as the ideal location - the only site of sufficient size in the Western Palatinate.



What is WestpfalzWiki?

Nothing characterizes our region as much as its cultural landscape. On WestpfalzWiki, we want to create a picture of our region that is more meaningful than any other precise statistic.

Help us!
The WestpfalzWiki comes to life through the knowledge of many people. All interested individuals can easily register, enrich the WestpfalzWiki with their knowledge and of course browse through their favourite subjects. This way:


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