Application for Tesla-Gigafactory

Application for the settlement of the Tesla-Gigafactory site in Europe

True to the philosophy "There is no chance - let's do it", we applied for the settlement of the European Tesla-Gigafactory in 2017 in addition to hundreds of other locations. The world's leading manufacturer of electric cars had announced that it intended to open a factory in Europe. We sent the former Zweibrücken Airport into competition as the ideal location - the only site of sufficient size in the Western Palatinate.

An internal workgroup prepared the application, the head office of the association developed professional application documents with the assistance of HCP Grauwild. After a two-year selection process, the result was absolutely incredible: In autumn 2019, ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz reached the final round after several selection phases alongside two competitors. Even though in the end the choice fell on the location Berlin-Brandenburg, it impressively illustrates the attractiveness of the investment-location Western Palatinate.

Take a look at the 2017 application brochure in German and English as well as the application video with which we successfully raised interest in the Zweibrücken location: