West Palatinate calendar 2023

Legends & Stories from West Palatinate: Wall calendar 2023

SOLD OUT: Due to high demand, the 2023 wall calendar is already completely sold out!

The Palatinate World Axis, the Maiden's Leap of Dahn or the meal at the Devil's Table are among a multitude of legends that have made us shudder, laugh and marvel ever since we were children. With the new wall calendar "Legends and Stories from West Palatinate 2023" we would like to pick up this mystical side of the region. In our region there are beautiful landscapes with rocks, castles and much more. Many of these sights have an exciting cultural-historical background. What is usually remembered about them are not usually the dates, but the stories and anecdotes.

Twelve motifs were created based on well-known legends or historical features associated with the West Palatinate region. Photographer Harald Kröher photographed the respective scenery with the help of professional models and elaborate props at the individual locations. The Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern helped with the challenge of finding the appropriate wardrobe for the stories, most of which were set in the Middle Ages or early modern times: A huge pool of historical costumes was made available.

In cooperation with filmmakers Stefan Schaumeier and Karl-Heinz Christmann, short film clips were also shot for six motifs, which make the story - narrated by Pfalztheater actor Rainer Furch as the storyteller in the Perfume Museum in Baalborn - appear even more authentic.

SOLD OUT: Due to high demand, the 2023 wall calendar is already completely sold out!
The calendar was available at Thalia Kaiserslautern and at our office. ZRW members benefited as usual from an attractive discount.

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