Determining the level of awareness of employers

Determining the level of awareness of employers

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The heart of the project was the completion of a survey of future skilled workers in the region. Around 500 school pupils and students who were close to finishing their programmes of study were asked by paulusresult. about which local businesses they were familiar with (and why) and if they were generally ready to work for a business in the West Palatinate. The goal was to find out whether employers in the West Palatinate are perceived as possible employers by young skilled workers and how a greater influence can be had on this.


  • Less than half of those polled can imagine working for an employer in the West Palatinate.
  • Only about 2/3 of those questioned can name at least five employers from the West Palatinate. Large companies (BASF, Daimler) are significantly better known.
  • John Deere, Opel, Terex and Johnson Controls were named most frequently. In particular, public employers and healthcare facilities are under-represented.
  • Willingness to work in the West Palatinate increases with the knowledge of regional employers.
  • The outlook in the field of technology was viewed as positive; the field of retail was evaluated very negatively.
  • Businesses are particularly known through family and friends as well as internships and part-time jobs.
  • The most important reason to look for an employer in the West Palatinate is a connection with the home region or the distance to home, as well as positive experiences with individual employers (the latter especially being the case with students from technical universities).
  • A lack of information and "uninteresting" employers are the most important reasons why people do not want a job in the West Palatinate.
  • Students born abroad evaluate the West Palatinate significantly higher than the average.
  • School pupils: an increased business presence in schools and better information about career fields and training possibilities.  Awareness of future-oriented careers.
  • Students: better information about career fields and positions. Emphasise the attractivity of the possibilities. Improve the framework conditions in the West Palatinate (especially free time).

Project period: June 2014 - September 2014

Project partner: paulusresult.